Private Tutoring for Kids

If you think your child will benefit more from learning at his/her own pace, or if you feel like he/she needs more focused interaction than what is possible in a group setting, private lessons are probably the best solution for him/her.

One-on-one lessons are perfect for addressing specific needs:
- learning at a specific level
- productive, calm learning environment
- in harmony with your own rythm
- home learning

How does it work?

1- Contact us to discuss your needs.
2- Tell us where you could have your lessons, and when. Give us several days/times if possible.
You can choose Skype lessons. We provide a high quality for a better price!
3- We assign you a tutor.
3- Buy your hourly package (you can share private lessons with one or two friends and share the hourly costs!).
4- We confirm your lessons and you can start.

Here are the price list and the payment possibilities.

Inquiry for private French lessons

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